The story of shipyard gin

Greenock, Inverclyde.

Like many towns and cities across the UK, Greenock was a huge industrial powerhouse. When it came to shipbuilding, ‘Clydebuilt’ stood for quality, skilled craftsmanship and a passion for the craft. It was synonymous with ‘world class’ and known the world over. In terms of production, in its heyday the UK produced around 75% of the worlds ships and a third of that coming from the Clyde yards, falling just behind London and Liverpool.

Like many families from towns and cities along the River Clyde, Shipyard Gin’s founder Andy Samuel has close family ties to the shipyards. His grandfather John Samuel was a plater at Scott’s Shipbuilding. A skilled trade, where he spent most of his career cutting and preparing metal sheets for fitting to the ships hull.

John had the fascinating hobby of making homemade wine for family and friends from locally foraged berries. John and Andy would spend many a Sunday afternoon in the parks and moors picking the berries and flowers to be made into wine. Andy has used some of these botanicals in Shipyard Gin.


Our Botanicals

Shipyard Gin is a citrus based London dry gin distilled in Scotland based in inverclyde



Juniper is the main botanical in any true gin, its where the name comes from in the first place. As we wanted to stay true to a traditional London Dry Gin then it had to be our main botanical.

Seasonal Gorse

Seasonal gorse is the star of our show. A reminder of a Scottish summer with a very distinctive, almost coconut scent. A delicate botanical which produces hints of coconut and vanilla within our gin.


A beautiful pairing with the seasonal gorse. Another delicate flavour that helps balance out the citrus and floral notes from other botanicals. A very slight, almost honey note with vanilla and pear which adds a little sweetness to this well balanced gin.

Moorland Heather

Moorland heather adds a floral touch to our gin. Don’t worry, this isnt a floral perfume gin, we use a tiny amount but just enough to give a hint of floral notes. 

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